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Keys to 'Nova's Double Bye in the Big East Tournament


Last week we discussed what would be needed for Villanova to get a Double Bye in next week's Big East Tournament in New York City. With two games played since then, a better analysis can be seen...

The standings at the top of the Big East Conference currently look like this:

  1. Connecticut 15-2
  2. Louisville 14-2
  3. Pittsburgh 13-3
  4. Marquette 12-4
  5. Villanova 12-5

Marquette’s Remaining Games
@ Pitt- March 4
vs. Syracuse- March 7

Pitt’s Remaining Games
vs. Marquette- March 4
vs. Connecticut- March 7

With thanks to commenter a. and vusports here are the three scenarios that would lead to Villanova earning a Double Bye in next week's Big East Tournament in New York City...

  1. Villanova beats Providence AND Marquette loses at Pitt
  2. Two Marquette losses
  3. Villanova beats Providence AND Pitt losses twice

Those three options would cement a Villanova 4 Seed in the BET.

It is also for Villanova to earn a 3 Seed at Madison Square Garden, but the stars would have to align. All 3 of these would have to occur...

  1. Villanova beats Providence
  2. Marquette beats Pitt, but loses to Syracuse
  3. Pitt loses to Marquette and UConn
  4. Syracuse finishes 6th by beating Rutgers [and Marquette]
  5. West Virginia loses to DePaul or Louisville

In this scenario, Villanova, Pittsburgh, and Marquette would be 13-5. In that tiebreaker, games against Louisville (all 3 are 0-1) and UConn (VU and MU are 0-1, Pitt is 1-1) would be thrown out. And the first tiebreaker would be Syracuse where 'Nova is 2-0, Marquette is 0-1, and Pitt is 0-1.

Clear as mud?