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Jay Wright on ESPN Radio

Big East Coach of the Year Jay Wright called into ESPN Radio this morning for a quick interview.

Here are the highlights of what he said...

  • "The Big 10 will get 8, the Big East will get 7, but we will have some very low seeds."
  • Is 'Nova built for the Tournament, "it only takes one instance... big guy gets in foul trouble or Dyson goes down for UConn... in the tournament. It comes down to depth and matchups. I think one of our strengths is our depth- we can play different styles of play."
  • On 15 & 16 seeds winning... "I think 2 things- a 16 will beat a 1. And I never thought that until we were a 1... it's gonna happen. I think the change in the tournament is to add another weekend. It's such a great event. Even if you add one more weekend and get them to what? 118 teams- there are still going to be teams on the bubble. It will just add to this great American sports event."
  • Has the NCAA Tourney made the regular season less viable?... "there is a love for the game. There are rivalries that mean so much. People are asking us- would rather lose and get out of the tournament and get rested for the NCAA tournament? No matter how much you think about all of that there is a competitiveness in us in every one of us that we want to win the Big East Tournament even though we know common sense tells you to get rested for the NCAA. But there is no one that is backing off of this."
  • On parity... "I think we've learned how good the other teams are."
  • A team that will end up a high seed but wouldn't want to play... "Butler. Now they're gonna be re-energized. They may be a 10 or a 9, but they're gonna be ready"