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PostScript: Win One For the Geezer

My wife persuaded me to forward the "Win One For the Geezer," article we published on Saturday to the widow of Howard Porter, Theresa. With an assist from Coach Wright (who somehow found the time to provided me with Theresa’s e-mail address moments before the Cats boarded the bus for Boston), I successfully delivered the article to her yesterday. Her response touched me greatly, and I was struck by her bullish view on Villanova’s NCAA prospects. I thought the VUHoops readers would enjoy hearing what she had to say.

Here’s her letter:

Dear Ed ’77,
I wish that I had the words to adequately express my deepest appreciation for your wonderful article and, as importantly, your efforts to keep the spirit of Howard alive in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. It goes without saying that the absence of Howard in my life (as well as all those whose lives he touched) leaves a void that cannot be completely filled. But, it is those treasured memories that I will always carry that have helped to make the journey of healing a bit easier.

Thank you for contributing to new memories that I will hold near and dear and also in capturing memories of the past that I hope will continue to enlighten the Villanova and Philadelphia communities. Howard felt a deep connection with his Philadelphia and Villanova roots.

I had desperately tried to make it to Philadelphia for the UCLA game, but was unable to get a flight out in time for the start of the game. I’ve heard from some of his ‘71 team-mates that it was an exciting day for them. So, I was cheering all the way from Minnesota and Howard was cheering from the heavens above.
I’m planning on going to Detroit. I think it’s going to be the year for the’ Cats. Again, I appreciate your help keeping Howard’s memory alive in the hearts of the Villanova basketball community. Go Cats!

With Theresa Porter cheering for us, I like our chances of seeing her in Detroit in April!

-Ed ‘77 Guest Contributor