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Wayns Already Studying Villanova Basketball 101

The Daily News has a great article on McDonald's All-American and first member of the Class of 2009 Recruiting Class, Maalik Wayns.

Recruit Wayns already familiar with the Villanova way, shows that it is a special kind of player who signs up for Villanova Basketball. One who loves Hustle, Toughness, and Family.

He treasured that play in the second round of the NCAA Tournament when Villanova's Dwayne Anderson made a headlong dive, in transition, to knock the ball free from a UCLA player.

No. 1, he recognized the effort as simply tremendous.

No. 2 . . .

"I knew coach [Jay] Wright would love it," he said. "That's the kind of stuff that matters the most to him.

"I was standing up for that one. And yelling, 'Yeah! Let's go!' "