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Last Day of the Blogathon for the Randy Foye Foundation

In our final push for our March Blogathon for the Randy Foye Foundation we're letting you know that you can still get tickets if you are interested in seeing former Villanova star Randy Foye take on the 76ers tonight at the Wachovia Center.

Read Foye Making Difference from today's Daily News.

You can still make it to tonight's game if you order your ticket by 1p ET. All the details are here, but in short your donation and ticket into the game from the Randy Foye Foundation also gets you...

  • Pre-Game Meet & Greet with Randy: 5:15pm
  • Opportunity for photos and autographs!

So maybe you don't live near Philly or don't care about the NBA, but you still want to support Randy's Foundation... you can make a simple donation —Donate Now—

Are you happy with the current Sweet 16 season? Randy Foye and the rest of the Class of 2006 helped lay the foundation for today's successes. —Donate Now—

Need a tax deduction for 2009? It's never too early to start planning for next year. —Donate Now—

With out last effort... we will simply ask, if you appreciate and our dedication to giving you all sorts of non-stop information about Villanova Basketball and if you can afford a few bucks extra on your credit card,


To those who have already reached into their wallets and made a donation, THANK YOU!