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The Houston Rockets: 'Nova vs. Duke

A perfect example of the Villanova Family. From Jeff Goodman's blog:

Former Villanova assistant Brett Gunning, in his first season with the Houston Rockets, was watching the Wildcats pummeling of Duke last night together from Battier’s house in Houston. Gunning said that Battier, as a result of the loss, will be leading a Villanova chant at the end of today’s Rockets practice.

The Houston Chronicle expands the story.

Duke product Shane Battier had more than the usual interest in the Blue Devils’ game Thursday against Villanova, and not just because teammate Kyle Lowry is a former Wildcats star or director of player development Brett Gunning, the leader in the Rockets’ NCAA pool, is a former Nova assistant coach.

“I have more riding on this game than anyone else in the state of Texas,” Battier said. “My wife is a Villanova grad, class of 2001. There’s been a lot of trash talk this week, a lot of trash talk. All her best friends are Nova grads. My son, Zeke, has been wearing a Duke short with a Villanova hat and Villanova socks.

“It’s a tense household. A lot riding on this game.”

Asked who has brought more trash talk — his wife or teammate — Battier said, “Heidi, and it’s not even close.”