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Maalik & Cheek in the McDonald's Game

Dominic Cheek and Maalik Wayns' East Team won by a score of 113-110 in tonight's McDonald's High School All American Game.

Dom ended up with 15 points in the game. Maakik had 5 points and 7 assists- an impressive stat for a game with little passing.

Box Score:

Maalik Wayns
FG: 2-6
3FG: 0-1
FT: 1-1
REB: 1
Asst: 7
TO: 1
Points: 5

Dominic Cheek
FG: 6-8
3FG: 2-2
FT: 1-5
REB: 3
BLK: 1
STL: 1
Points: 15

Times are exciting for Villanova fans!