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Pre Departure Quotes

Here are some quotes from Senior Dwayne Anderson and Shane Clark before the team left campus on Wednesday...

Senior guard Dwayne Anderson...

On his Villanova experience: These are the best years of my life. Just being around all of these guys is great.

On getting away from the excitement on campus and going to Detroit: I can't wait to get on the road where it is just us and we are together as a team. There have been so many games and we have been on the road together a lot. The craziest thing I have heard so far is someone on campus called me a legend. That stuff means the world to me but I don't let those things affect me.

On staying focused with all the extra attention on the team: Coach has done a great job of telling us the task at hand. The task is facing UNC. The coaches have been doing a great job of that and the seniors have too, of leading by example.

Senior forward Shane Clark...

On facing North Carolina and whether he knows any of the players: We just have to work together as a team. Defensively we have to do whatever it takes to get a rebound and get a stop. I know Wayne Ellington since he is from pretty close to here.

On seeing North Carolina play: I got to see them a couple of times during the year. They have great players on their team, both starters and off the bench. It will be a tough challenge for our defense to face them.