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2009 Stats

The Villanova Athletic Department seemingly doesn't want to issue the final stats for the 2008-09 Men's Basketball team so we've done some compiling and they can be found under the Stats dropdown. If you click on the category, the columns will sort.

Here are the Top 3 for the more popular categories...

Dante Cunnigham- 16.1
Scottie Reynolds- 15.2
Corey Fisher- 10.8

Cunnigham- 7.5
Dwayne Anderson- 6.2
Reggie Redding- 4.9

Reynolds- 32.2
Cunningham- 31.6
Redding- 28.8

3 FG %
Corey Stokes- .42
Shane Clark- .39
Reynolds- .35

Reynolds- 3.4
Redding- 3.1
Corey Fisher- 2.8