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Preparing for the Draft

As of right now Dante Cunningham and Scottie Reynolds are preparing for the NBA Draft on June 25th.

7Dante is one of 52 players from around the world who has been selected to attend the NBA's Pre-Draft Camp in Chicago from May 27-31.

This is the first time the NBA has gone to an NFL-style combine, with light skills workouts (shooting, ball-handling, position specific drills), anthropometric testing (height, weight, wingspan), strength and agility testing, and league organized player interviews.

The last day of the Pre-Draft Camp is for medical testing and physical examinations.

In Mock Drafts, Dante is being picked #36 according to and #52 by

8Reynolds worked out for the Washington Wizards yesterday. Chad Ford notes that he will be in Houston this week and that Scottie will also be working out for the New Jersey Nets in June. UPDATED: Scottie has already worked out for Memphis and Minnesota. He will also work out for the 76ers on June 5th.

Reynolds has until June 15th to withdraw his name and return to Villanova for his Senior Season.