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Jay Wright on Sports Radio 950

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright appeared on ESPN 950 Sports Radio with Mike Missanelli today.

He had some great insight on Villanova, The 76ers, and Scottie Reynolds...

  • The 4 freshman are coming in with a lot of Hype. The young guys will have to learn quickly.
  • The Seniors will need to be "the warriors" who bring it every night and demand that from the rest of the team.
  • The team never talks about the Final Four or winning Championships. They talk about getting better everyday.
  • On Scottie Reynolds... "I think he's learned two things in the workouts- he has improvements to make. He should probably go back to 'Nova but he will play in the league." If he stays in the draft he may be a 2nd round pick, he may play in the D League... but he will make the league.
  • "My gut... he'll make the smart decision and come back. He hasn't decided that yet."
  • (On the 76ers coaching position) Stefanski called and asked Jay if he wanted to talk about the position. Growing up in Philly it was what he should have been excited about. "It was the perfect time if I was ever gonna do it. The program is in a good shape coming off a trip to the Final Four. Great young guys coming in... you don't move. You stay in town. it's for the Sixers. It's for Ed Stefanski, who I think the world of. It was the perfect time if I were to ever take it. It wasn't about not taking the job. I just did not want to leave Villanova. I love what we got going."
  • It took 2 days to turn the decision down.
  • This would have been the perfect time to leave. If I didn't do it this time, I don't think I'll ever do it.
  • On possible Point Guards for the 76ers... he's never watched Ricky Rubio, but Johnny Flynn is a great get.
  • IF he was the coach of the Sixers and it came down to Flynn or Ty Lawson, he would pick Lawson @ #17.
  • He will play in the Coaches vs. Cancer Golf Tournament in North Carolina.
  • Jay picks Orlando in the NBA Finals.