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Michael Gilchrist in the Inky

michael gilchrist

Michael Gilchrist from

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a nice article on Villanova Class of 2011 recruiting target Michael Gilchrist.

After recent performances on the AAU and Camp Circuit, Gilchrist, a rising Junior at St. Patrick's in Newark, NJ, is long considered to be the best High School basketball player right now- for any class.

The Somerdale, NJ notes...

The 15-year-old even elevated his arms, motioning that Kentucky and Villanova are neck and neck.

"Michael loves Villanova," said Cindy Richardson, Gilchrist's mother. "It's Kentucky, Villanova. Villanova, Kentucky."

As a note, rising Junior, Corey Fisher and Mike Nardi ('07) are recent St. Pat's alumns to play for Jay Wright.