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More on Michael Gilcrist

gilcristJerry Tipton of the Herald-Leader ran a story yesterday, Gilcrist Not Ready to Choose, with some interesting twists. In it, Michael Gilcrist, the nation's top recruit and Villanova target, refers to William Wesley as "Uncle Wes" (not good news for Nova fans given Mr. Wesley’s friendship with Kentucky’s John Calapari; Wesley helped deliver Dajuan Wagner, Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans to Memphis in years past). Michael Gilcrist’s mother, Cynthia Richardson, acknowledges a fondness for Wesley that dates back to when they grew up across the street from each other in Camden, N.J. While she says "Wes is like a brother, she says, she goes on to say that she and her husband, not Wes, make decisions for their son." Kevin Boyle, Gilcrist’s coach at St. Patrick's said Gilchrist was open to options. For instance, Gilchrist will play on a summer team with the sons of Villanova Coach Jay Wright. Plus, Villanova is close to home.