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"Attitude of a Champion" Review

From frequent commenter Gunner...

I was in the audience for the 6:00PM showing of "Attitude Of a Champion" tonight, and I'm anxious to tell everyone that it's a must see/purchase for any member of the extended Villanova Basketball family!

The production quality is very high (think NFL Films) with original footage, coupled with network TV highlights, interviews, and behind the scenes shots and stories which capture and preserve the memorable season we just witnessed.

Scott Graham's writing fuels his narration, and we watch the season unfurl chronologically with Jay and the players carrying us along.

There are mini features on each of the major players, touchstones that define their unique roles in the journey. I was struck by the difference between the Sophomores like the Coreys, and the Seniors, Dwayne, Dante, Shane and Frankie. You realize how much older 21 is than 19. And you watch Scottie and Reggie, and you're glad that we have them to guide and teach this new class in the upcoming year.

Jay is featured throughout commenting on the players, the games, and the moments that defined the season. Ryan Fannon's distinctive play-by-play is sprinkled in, helping remind me of where we I was, and how I remember all of the games from that memorable year.

The music is appropriate and at times soaring, the visuals first class, and all in all, a wonderfully produced keepsake of a very special year of the Cats.

Most of all though "Attitude of A Champion" serves as a reminder to me as to what I love most about Villanova Basketball. It's the character of the people involved, from Jay, to the assistants, and especially to the young men who don the uniform. I looked at Dante and Dwayne, and Shane and Frank and was sad that their playing years are done. But as we welcome them into the vast fraternity of former players, we turn our attention to those who will assume their leadership roles, and anticipate the new kids, and prepare to watch them grow.

Great job WipeOut productions, and the players, coaches and fans of Nova Nation. A year in the life is skillfully and emotionally preserved, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Many thanks from the staff to Gunner for a great (& quick) recap.