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Wisdom of Crowds Experiment: Dominic Cheek

cheek-augustContinuing our Wisdom of Crowds series on Nova shooting guards, we now shift our focus to incoming freshman Dominic Cheek. Use the voting buttons in the right margin of the VUHoops home page to predict the number of minutes you think Dominic will play (something that has become far more difficult given the uncertainty surrounding next season for Reggie Redding), and the comment section if you want to explain your thought process. To help you come up with your guess, we have provided on the next page our player assessment.

ESPN Assessment: Class Rank #20; #5 Shooting Guard. Cheek played for a very talented high school team that loved to spread the wealth offensively, therefore he does not put up monster scoring numbers.

He has very good athleticism and quickness, which allows him to excel in the open court. He has the leaping ability to elevate over most defenders and should translate to a nice pull-up jumper in the mid-range area, but surprisingly, he does not do much scoring resulting from one or two-dribble pull-ups. When he shoots from 3-point range, he has a tendency to release the ball on the way down instead of shooting at the top of his jump. Cheek needs to improve his ball-handling skills, which will make him a better penetrator. He needs to get significantly stronger for the next level and add more muscle to his frame. Cheek, to his credit, does a very good job of staying within the team concept and rarely forces offense. He also takes defensive challenges and does a good job of staying in front of opposing ball-handlers. Cheek has a little bit of a concealed mean streak and will play with a healthy chip on his shoulders.

VUHoops Supplement: Dominic joins fellow incoming freshman Maalik Wayns on the McDonalds All America team, and both Maalik and Mouphtaou Yarou on the Parade All-America Third Team.

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