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Reggie Ineligible For Fall Semester

redding-august11With a hat tip to "Randy Foye's Shot" for the heads-up, ESPN is reporting that "Reggie Redding will be ineligible for games during the fall semester as a result of university discipline, the school announced Friday" due to his arrest on marijuana possession charges. "The university said Redding had lost his status as a "student in good standing" for the fall 2009 semester. The punishment will allow Redding to remain enrolled in school and practice with the team, but he cannot play in any games until the fall semester ends on Dec. 18, the university said. Villanova's schedule is not yet finalized, so it's not clear exactly how many games Redding will miss. But he will definitely be out of the Tip-Off Tournament in Puerto Rico in November.

"In a university statement announcing the discipline, coach Jay Wright said he supported the decision."I believe the process was respectful and fair to Reggie. He is a quality person, who, with the support of his great family, met this head-on and has learned a valuable lesson from this experience," Wright said."