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Mr. Foye Goes to Washington

Randy welcomes new contributor Brian...

Last month I got a chance to talk to Randy Foye at his Night for Newark fundraiser. After a brief back-and-forth over the merits of seersucker, I decided to ask Randy a question that had been on my mind since draft night: Whether or not he would be in the starting lineup for the Wizards. Randy's response was (to paraphrase), "They wouldn't trade all that to get me and then not start me."

Despite Randy's confidence, his role in the starting lineup isn't quite as assured. Flip Saunders has a strong preference for an eight-man rotation, and while he has named his starters at 4 positions, the SG spot remains wide open.

As we saw in Minnesota, there are a number of people who see Randy as a PG, however that spot is (barring injury) where Gilbert Arenas will spend most of his time.

Mike Miller is certainly in the mix for the SG position, though in Minnesota last year he lagged behind Randy in both minutes per game and scoring. It would seem that Randy Foye has the statistical edge in this competition, the only thing that should hold him back are concerns over his size.

Despite Flip Saunders' reluctance to name Foye as one of his starters just yet, I tend to agree with Randy's confidence. He's one of the five best players on the D.C. roster, and should see significant minutes whether he starts or comes off of the bench.