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Wisdom of Crowds Recap - Part II: Big Men

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On Monday we posted Part I of our The Wisdom of Crowds recap covering the guards. Today we move on to the big dogs, our forwards / centers. On Saturday, we will post our final installment — the team summary, including observations and implications of the polling results and the much anticipated description of our computational methodology. Let’s lead off this morning with Mouph ….


MOUPHTAOU YAROU: 23.1 MPG … did not play last season … projected games = 38

Colt’s Take: “Mouph’s biggest adjustment will be with the speed of the game at the next level. Jay won’t be limiting Mouph’s minutes as much as cheap fouls will. Mouph will have to figure out how to stay in the game as much as play it.”

Games Played Assumption: Like Dante, Mouph will play in all games in his freshman year .