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Different Looks in 2009-10

Jay WrightAs you saw in Ed's Wisdom of a Crowd finales (part 1, 2, and 3), Jay Wright has a luxury at hand this season that many coaches across the country would love to have; Depth.

Villanova's depth and ability to play 9 or 10 players in a rotation may be one of the keys to a deep run in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. We know that Coach Wright is known to play lineups that match up well against the opponent, but in this upcoming season 'Nova will be the team that causes problems for other squads. There aren't many teams in the country who will be able to show and play as many lineups as Villanova in the 2009-10 season.

We're going to take a look...

  • The Four Guard Set (CF/MW/SR, RR/DC/CS and Yarou/ap) a perimeter-concentrated lineup consisting of four guards (or Small Forwards) and a big man. The 4 Out,1-In relies on speed, outside shooting, and ball handling while having a low post threat. In this lineup you could see 2 of the following: Corey Fisher, Scottie Reynolds, or Maalik Wayns, 2 of Corey Stokes, Reggie Redding, or Dominic Cheek and either Antonio Pena or Mouphtaou Yarou.
  • A Long, Athletic 5 could wreak havoc defensively against some opponents. Using the team's best athletic set to press could force turnovers and lead to quick, easy layups. You would most likely see Corey Fisher or Maalik Wayns in this lineup along with Cheek, Reynolds, and Redding along with Isaiah Armwood. At 6'8" Armwood would be the "Big" in this lineup if the opponent somehow gets through the web of the other 4.
  • A Physical Phive of Reynolds or Fisher, Redding, Taylor King -or- Stokes, Pena, and Yarou could bang with larger teams through tough, physical play. The lineup still provides a ball handler and outside threats as well as two traditional low-post players with an additional combination outside/inside player in Stokes or King.

What do you think? Do you see a killer lineup or look that we're missing? Which one do you think will be most successful? Which do you think we'll see the most?