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Filed under: Freshman Will Play Big Role on Title Team’s Gary Parish boldly predicts that a freshman will play a key role for the 2010 national champion, reasoning that "this is a season where five of the top six teams in the preseason Top 25 figure to rely heavily on a freshman (or two)".

He has Villanova at #6 in his preseason Top 10, driven largely by a top five recruiting class to complement Scottie Reynolds and one of the best rosters of guards in the country. Mr. Parish believes that Mouph Yarou, his #9 prospect in the Class of 2009, will play a significant role for the Cats next season. From that, we can infer that he agrees with our Wisdom of Crowds prediction of 23.1 MPG for Mouph next season!

By the way, if you have not yet acted on Mike’s invitation to read Mike Sheridan’s Nova Notebook feature on Mouph in Nova Notebook, it is well worth the time.