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Was it Worth It, Tony?

wroten-aug2In our September 5 post, "2011 Recruiting Sweepstakes," we highlighted five Nova prospects, including Tony Wroten Jr. ESPN ranks him the #5 PG, and reports that Villanova is the favorite to sign him. The Seattle Times reported on September 18 that Wroten suffered a season-ending knee injury in the opening football game of Garfield Bulldogs. He decided to pick up football again as a junior at Garfield after not playing since seventh grade. The injury will sideline him for his entire junior year of high-school sports, and more importantly, introduces doubts about his basketball future. Fortunately, there is still senior year to regain his form.

The injury was originally believed to be a bruise and observers didn't think it was serious because he's been walking without a limp or crutches. There are conflicting reports whether if Wroten will have surgery, although most expect him to. His family will make a decision within one week. If Wroten does have surgery, a normal recovery is 7-9 months.

Reports are that Wroten played well in the football game that ended his season. He had two interceptions and caught a pass for a touchdown. He claims to have no regrets about his decision to play football.  However, one has to wonder whether it was worth the cost.