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Jay Confirms Return to the Four Guard Set

Providence Villanova BasketballWhile I was preoccupied for the past two days with Villanova’s Parents’ Weekend festivities, Adam Zagora snuck one past me addressing a topic we have discussed at length over the past month – the player combinations we likely will see this upcoming season. Zagoria interviewed Jay Wright on Friday, confirming what many have speculated – that Jay wants to exploit the team’s competitive advantage at guard, while hiding its inexperience in the forecourt, by playing "four out and one in." Translation: the four guard set mentioned in Mike’s post, Different Looks in 2009-10. Zags quotes Jay saying, "When Reggie Redding comes back, that gives us an option of really having four experienced guards on the floor."

So what’s the core lineup? Jay says it will be Redding, Reynolds, Fisher, Stokes plus a big man. The VUHoops Crowd predicted as much (see WOC Recap Part III - Return of the Four Guard Set), voting that upon Reggie’s return from suspension, Reggie, Scottie and the Coreys will account for 55% of the available game minutes. Said Coach Wright, “If Antonio Pena, Mouph Yarou and Maurice Sutton can play with those four guards, it will be nice. I think we have some good options with Taylor King and Isaiah Armwood [in the frontcourt].” Zags says that Maalik Wayns and Dominic Cheek will see ample time rotating in and out of the four guard set. Of the shot-blocking MouphYarou, Coach Wright says “We’re going to need him. Even if he’s not good enough, we’re going to need him.”