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Gilchrist Visits Nova On Saturday

gilcristVUHoops reported on Tuesday that Michael Gilchrist, the nation’s #1 prospect from the Class of 2011, would be making an unofficial visit to Villanova over the next two weeks. This morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer confirms that he will visit on Saturday.

"What we are hoping to get out of this visit is more of the academic side," said Cindy Richardson, Gilchrist’s mother. "We already know what Michael is going to do for that program. . . . So we want to know what Villanova is going to do for Michael. We are going to find out how they are going to support Michael from a basketball standpoint and academic standpoint."

Gilchrist, who has made made an unofficial visit to Michigan last weekend, plans unofficial visits to Kentucky, Connecticut, Oregon, and Louisiana State over the next several weeks. Gilchrist insists that he hasn’t made a decision and wants to be recruited by other colleges.