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A List for Everyone

stokes-beer-girls2Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports, who endeared himself to VUHoops readers last week with his Big East Preview, today releases his much awaited Top 50 shooters in the country, with emphasis on the long-range bombers. Corey Stokes is #18 on his list with the commentary "He struggled shooting the ball as a freshman but shot 41.8 percent from deep last season and is one of the nation's best." Adding a quote from Jay Wright, "Corey has a shooter's mentality — the next one's going in. He also gets the ball to his shooting pocket fast and has a perfect release."

We know that some of you guys have loudly protested our relentless coverage of the mind-numbing array of preseason top X basketball lists. For those guys, I have provided alternative links to Mens’ Journal’s list of the 25 Best American Beers (I did not recognize a single beer on the list) and Maxim’s list of the world’s 100 most beautiful women (Olivia Wilde of House MD came in #1).