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Michael Gilchrist Update

gilcrist5Joel Fransisco of issued a report today from the USA Basketball Men’s U16 mini camp in Colorado, which concluded on October 11.

He says that Michael Gilchrist "demonstrated why he is considered the best player in the country, regardless of class. He impacts the game on many levels, and his competitive nature is peerless. His shot looks to be improved — although it could get better out to the 3-point line — and the pressure he puts on a defense is awe-inspiring. Furthermore, no layup or dunk is safe while he is lurking around, especially in transition. Since the 2008 Nike Global Challenge, and his game has grown leaps and bounds. His jump shot has improved, especially in the mid-range area, but it needs to get more consistent out to the stripe.

The story continues...

He is an acrobatic finisher inside and has incredible body control while double pumping in and around the bigs. However, if there is an area that needs to improve, it’s his ball handling. He has a nice burst off the dribble, but when defenders get into him, his handle gets sloppy — particularly his left hand. Defensively, on the other hand, he is a menace to his opponents. He slides his feet very well and, because of his strength and length, is tough to break down — not to mention he had three or four spectacular blocks in transition. Overall, he is one of the few players for whom, when he’s in the game, the intensity level and quality of play automatically elevates.