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First Day of Practice

Today was the first day of practice for college basketball, under NCAA rules. Some schools get the jump at Midnight, but for Villanova (and Kentucky), the first practice of the season was held at a more reasonable hour.

The year "2009" has been added to the Final Four banner in the Pavillion, and the team will receive Final Four rings in a special ceremony next week (which will also honor members of previous Final Four teams). Regardless, Jay Wright's message to the troops: Last year doesn't affect this one.

If anyone has any reports on how the practice went (it was held in the Pavillion, and apparently open to the public), please feel free to post about it in the comments. Our good friend, the "Villagnome" took a few pictures that you can find in his twitter feed, including the one below:

Courtesy of @Villagnome

Courtesy of @Villagnome