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As the season draws near...

Villanova basketball is less than a month away!! As the season draws near, it could be interesting to get a feel for what players are the best at doing certain things on the floor: shooting, defending, etc. Thinking about the strengths of the individual players on our beloved Villanova squad and coming down to the one player who does something the best also helps give a feel for what this team is the best at, because the attribute that is the hardest to pin to one player is a clear strength for the squad. Obviously this requires some projection with the freshmen, but this should be both fun and interesting. Please give your opinions, and feel free to add attributes to the list that I forgot! List starts after the jump.

Best interior scorer

Best perimeter scorer

Best shooter

Best scoring off the bounce

Best distributor in the half court

Best distributor in transition

Best finisher

Best offensive rebounder

Best athlete

Best at doing the dirty work (fighting for loose balls & through screens, etc)

Best effort

Best interior defender

Best perimeter defender

Best shot blocker

Best at creating turnovers

Best defensive rebounder