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A Bird In The Hand ...

With all the focus on the recruits we are targeting for 2010 and 2011, we sometimes forget about the guys who already pledged their allegiance to NovaNation flag for next year. Here's the latest ESPN updates on our two 2010 commits, James Bell and Markus Kennedy:


James Bell, SF  ESPN Rank:  #43, 6-4, 217 lbs.

james-bell"Jay Wright has found himself another great fit for the Villanova program. Bell is an athletic specimen. He has shown a more consistent outside shot with better shot selection. He is great off of the dribble with the ability to explode by his defender and get into the paint; he is a high flyer that fearlessly attacks the rim with reckless abandon. Bell fills up a box score as he does a little bit of everything. He rebounds very well with his length and explosiveness; he is unselfish and will look to make plays to set up his teammates, and he has a knack for being around the ball on the defensive side of the floor. He is a high energy player that gets his teammates going."  If you want more, here's a video link of James Bell AAU Highlights.

Markus Kennedy, C, ESPN Rank #13 Center, 6-9, 268 lbs.

kennedy-july1"Kennedy has a very big body and when motivated to play physically, he can uses his strength to dominate games, though he will have to continue to work on his body, which will improve his conditioning and allow him to play at a high level for longer amounts of time. Surprisingly, despite his big frame, has the ability to play away from the basket, using his skills to turn-and-face the basket and drive past bigs that try to play him away from the rim. He also does a good job of handling the ball in transition and will find open men. When he gets the ball on the block, Kennedy can also use his strength to power through defenders and score in the paint. He has to continue to refine his footwork in the paint with his back to the bucket."