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ESPN Focuses On Reggie

57128662ESPN’s Dana O’Neil, posted a feature today entitled "Redding Says Sitting is Brutal". It is a worthwhile read and makes me proud of Reggie. Here's some highlights:

"It's been so hard," said Redding, who had to watch while Villanova celebrated the hanging of its Final Four banner on Friday night and hosted an intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday. "As a senior you want to go out with a bang and do every little thing that comes along with your senior year, so watching them out there [over the weekend] was brutal, but I know I have lot more to do at Villanova. I'm trying to remember that."

Stripped of his captaincy, he will miss 10 games, including the Wildcats' November trip to Puerto Rico.

Redding made no excuses for his actions, instead labeling his decision a "disappointment" and an "embarrassment."

"I'm proud of him. He never once acted like a victim in all of this," Villanova coach Jay Wright said. "He's someone who made a mistake and who has been very contrite about it. "He knows there are people, some people, who are not going to forget about this and who will always associate this situation with him. All he can do is create a legacy of positive acts going forward and take responsibility for his actions. He's doing that."

"I don't know how I'll react once the season starts," Redding said, "but it's just another part of the process. I know I'll want to be out there with my teammates, but I have to wait and earn my way back."