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Mr. Foye Goes to Washington Redux

With the NBA preseason over, it is time for the teams out there to decide who will be in their regular starting lineups. Randy Foye and Kyle Lowry were the closest Villanovans to earning a starting job this season. Back in August, I wrote about the Washington Wizards' competition at shooting guard, noting that Flip Saunders was considering the spot to be pretty much open.

Well, despite the belief of many that Foye fits just as well (or better) as the off guard, and despite outscoring Mike Miller (and leading the team with 100 points) during the preseason, the Wizards have announced via their Twitter account, that Foye will not be among the Wizards' starting five. He should still see significant minutes in the rotation at both guard spots, but it appears that Flip Saunders prefers to bring Foye into games to spell his all-star point guard.

Update: Tonight Foye scored 19 points (third after Arenas & Blatche), 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals. He was 1-3 from three-point range, and 8-14 overall, hitting both of his free throws. According to ESPN, the team's net points when Foye was on the court was +16, which was the highest number on the Wizards' roster. He played 30 minutes.