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When the Villanovans in "The League" Return

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The NBA Season Starts today. Just a quick reminder to check out Brian's insightful post about the former Villanovan's currently in The League- Still Making Us Proud.

I know a bunch of you have talked about trying to see the teams when they come to Philly or New York, so- get your calendars out now.

Randy Foye [Twitter] and the Washington Wizards head north to play the 76ers on January 5th. Foye will play in New York on February 3rd and April 12th. [Tickets]

Kyle Lowry [Twitter] and the Houston Rockets play in Philadelphia on December 11th. Lowry will play in Madison Square Garden on March 21st.

Rookie Dante Cunningham and the Portland Trailblazers will head to the City of Brotherly Love on January 20th. He'll face the Knicks on December 7th.

Tim Thomas is now on the Dallas Mavericks. They'll be in Philly on January 22nd and in New York on January 24th.

The Denver Nuggets with Malik Allen will play in Philly on December 7th and against the Knicks on March 23rd in Manhattan.