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More On Reggie

reggie-octoberSince Dana O’Neill posted her feature on Reggie Redding on, there have been similar articles posted this week by Mike Kern of and Joe Juliano of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Yesterday brought yet another in the "Me Too" series, a post today by Sports Illustrated entitled, "Villanova's Redding Wants To Make Amends After Arrest". surprisingly found a couple behind the scenes angles that were new (at least to me), recapped on the next page.

-        [Before Reggie’s arrest] “Wright saw how Villanova's senior guard was putting in the time to become a better player and setting a positive example as a team leader. Wright called Redding and told him how proud he was of him [and] how much Villanova was counting on him [this season].”

-        “He was stripped of his role as team captain, doesn't have his picture on the cover of the media guide with the other seniors. Redding was banned from traveling with the Wildcats.”

-        “Redding received his [Final Four] ring privately from Wright last week.”

-        “Wright was in Arizona recruiting when he received a 4 a.m. phone call from Villanova's manager of basketball operations and was quickly put in touch with Redding”

-        "[When they spoke, Coach Wright] was angry, but he didn't yell," Redding said. "He didn't have to say much. I knew what I did. It wasn't like I was denying what happened or not accepting the responsibility. I took responsibility from the time that it happened. “

-        “Reggie eventually addressed his teammates and thank them for their support.”They just told me that they were here for me with anything I need," Redding said. "That's how it is here, it's like a family."

-        “Redding's father called Wright to apologize that his son embarrassed the program. Wright described the incident as a good kid who had a lapse of good judgment.”

-        "The biggest thing you could lose with coach Wright is his trust, and I might have lost some of that," Redding said. "I'm doing everything in my power right now to get it back."