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Villanova Seeks Another Final Four and More today published an entertaining article today entitled "Villanova Seeks Another Final Four and More." Here’s the CliffsNotes version:

"This season marks the 25th anniversary of the "Perfect Upset'' and the program's only national championship. Stop by the Pavilion or take a peek at who has the prime seats for NCAA tournaments games, and it seems those Wildcats are still as much a part of the program as Reynolds and Wright. This year's team wants to give that 1985 squad some championship company. "This team has a chance,'' Reynolds said.

"There's a real sense of pride here, there really is,'' Wright said. "We've always had it. It's kind of on another level right now. There's also more responsibility that goes with that. We have to maintain that tradition (that previous classes) set. That's where the pressure comes for us, not from the outside.''

Wright enters his ninth season at Villanova with one of the more unique challenges of his career. He has to find a way to mix six new players to a returning group determined to prove last season was not a fluke, but the start of regular Final Four contention.

Each day at practice, Wright finds the freshman trying to outdo each other.” They make you say, 'Wow,''' Wright said. "Then a different one each day really looks like a freshman. That's freshmen, but I'm sure glad we have them.''

Wright said Reynolds, guards Corey Stokes and Corey Fisher, and forward Antonio Pena have "got to be studs every day'' until the younger Wildcats find their way in the brutal Big East. The learning curve is a short one when every team is coming after the conference favorites. Nothing can be assumed, Wright says."