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Halloween Treat -- Secret Scrimmage

rodman-mask1Jeff Goodman of FoxSports posted a list of secret scrimmages held this weekend, including a pairing of Villanova against George Washington yesterday at GW. I wish we could tell you more, but preseason scrimmages are shrouded in secrecy under NCAA rules. Under those rules, only coaches, players and other individuals necessary to conduct the scrimmage are permitted to attend, and the public and media are specifically prohibited.

As a final precaution and in recognition of the Halloween holiday, it is rumored that players were required to wear Dennis Rodman masks throughout the scrimmage to conceal their identities :) The schools were permitted to keep "unofficial" scoring and statistics during the scrimmage, but may not report the score or stats in any media outlet.

Any news or rumors on campus on how the Cats fared?

UPDATE: we are hearing that GW won 2 of 3 games.