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Gotta Love Bernie Driscoll

Driscoll_BernieMike Sharp of Kutztown’s weekly, The Keystone, gave a very entertaining interview of Bernie Driscoll, Kutztown’s 10th year Head Coach. Here’s some of his more amusing quotes about his upcoming game against the Cats at Wachovia tomorrow.

"Bernie Driscoll is is so confident, he predicted a 67-65 KU win."

"Regardless of the talent discrepancy, he said, he still expects the same level of effort from his team if the opponent is stacked with McDonald’s All-Americans, and his players "had only ever eaten at McDonald’s."

"Driscoll concluded the interview by talking about his own worries about playing on a bigger stage. He said, "Jay Wright wears $500 suits, and I’m in khakis and hand-me-down blazers. Trust me, I’m as nervous as the kids are."