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YouTube Captures Broadcasted Expletive At End of Nova Game

Richmond MissesMatt ‘12’s comment about an apparent obscenity from the broadcast booth in the closing seconds of Villanova’s victory over Richmond had us intrigued. Terry Toohey of the Delaware Daily Times heard the same thing.

He reports, "[a]s play-by-play man Bob Picozzi described the final seconds while an unknown person is overheard saying, "What a bum," an apparent reference to the 35-yard field goal Richmond’s Andrew Howard missed with five seconds to play in the game that would have given the Spiders the lead. The same person is heard later saying "Come on, end this f*cking game" Initially, the comments were thought to have been uttered by Picozzi or color commentator Scott Brunner. However, Colonial Athletic Conference officials quickly dispelled that rumor. In all likelihood, it was an open microphone in the production truck. Scott Meyer, the director of football communications for the CAA, said the conference was looking into the incident."

Do you want to hear it yourself and see the critical missed fieldgoal? YouTube comes through again!