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Let It Go, Mike

DeCourcySporting News’s Mike DeCourcy, desperate to defend his journalistic integrity, is not backing down from his earlier claims that Mouph Yarou is really a 25-year old parading as a college freshman.

In his post today, "Villanova Freshman’s Story Rings Hollow," he labels as "absurd" Jay Wright’s comment today on Mike Missanelli’s radio show that Mouph’s family knew about the erroneous post five years ago and were trying to get it corrected.

He offers the following bits of evidence in support of his “absurd” comment:   (1) “The event in question occurred in 2007. It's impossible for Yarou's family to have been aware of it three years before it occurred.” (2)“NCAA rule, is so obscure a major Division I assistant admitted being unaware of its existence. So we're to believe Yarou's family, living in Benin, knows the NCAA rulebook better than college coaches?”  (3)“Yarou's claim [that] he did not play in the tournament, was not aware of Renaissance BBC and knew no one on the team seems hard to believe, given that the club is one of only six first-division basketball clubs in his native country."

Apparently Mr. DeCourcy would rather continue to spin and speculate rather than deal with the hard evidence of a passport and birth certificate.