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Predict the Score

Ole Miss Early Picks

Update: Nova Wins 79-67. Unfortunately, no one won a t-shirt. Congratulations to IMKL & Matt, who got the Nova half of the score right (79-72), and to Andy '06 (81-67), NJSup (74-67) and Jim (72-67) for hitting the Ole Miss side. Closest to the pin goes to Andy '06, with an aggregate score difference of only 2 points.

Over the first four games of the season, Nova has scored an average of 82 points while holding their opponents to 65.  Ole Miss has scored an average of 90 points while holding their opponents to 66.  The Vegas odds-makers are picking the game close, with Nova giving 3.5 points with an over/under of 152.5.  It's time for the VUHoops readers to read Brian's game preview and then predict the final score in the comments section of this post.  VUH Editor & Chief, Mike, will award a Nova Nation t-shirt to any reader who nails the score

The predictions of the 53 VUH readers who posted are plotted in the chart below.  Note:  BossHog, adjusted his earlier prediction, which is now clearly identified in the chart with his picture.   The projections of EJ (106-61) , Jay's Personal Chef (102-73), and John 11 (106-79) are off the charts!