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2009-10 Season "Closest to the Pin" Contest

Ole Miss Early Picks

Based on the huge reader response to our "Predict the Score" contest for the Ole Miss game, the editorial staff at VUH has decided to run a season long "Closest to the Pin" contest. The rules and prizes are explained below.

The winners for the Ole Miss game are: Gold Medal: Andy '06 (5 pts), Silver Medal: Tony (3 pts) and Bronze Medal: MIKE and Brendan (1 pt each).

Contest Logistics & Rules

  • Approximately 48 hours before tip-off, we'll open the window for readers' predictions.
  • The window will close promptly at game time
  • Readers are allowed only one prediction for each game
  • Predictions that duplicate a prior predication from another reader are not premitted.  On a best-efforts basis, we will strive to identify "dupes" before game time and adjust the reader's prediction to reflect the closest available score available at the time of discovery of the dupe that preserves the reader's intended margin of victory.
  • There will be three "Closest to the Pin" winners for each game awarded- gold, silver and bronze medals.  Winners will be determined without regard to whether the contenstant picked the winning team (we don't want to tempt a Nova fan to improve their chances of winning by voting against the Cats) based on the smallest absolute difference between the predicted scores and the actual scores.   For example, for Nova's win over Ole Miss (VU 79- OM 67), Andy '06 predicted a score of 81-67 and won the gold medal winner with combined absolute difference of 2 points  (i.e., [ABS (79-81)] + [ABS (67-67)] .  In the case of a tie for any of a gold, silver or bronze category for an individual game,  at least one gold, silver and bronze medal will be awarded and duplicate medals will be awarded to each reader in the tie.
  • Points will be associated with medals as follows:  Gold (bulls-eye) = 10 points; Gold (non-bulls-eye) =5; Silver = 3; Bronze = 1.
  • Points accumulate beginning with the Ole Miss game and ending with the penultimate Big East game, on March 2, against Cincinnati.
  •  A leader board will be published after each game.

Prizes: Will be awarded to the three readers with the most cumulative points earned over the 25 games beginning with the Ole Miss game (Nov 22) and ending with the Cincinnati game (March 2 ).  In the event of a tie, the three winners will be determined through predetermined tie breakers.  The first tie breaker will be the number of times the contestants won medals over the course of the season, without regard to type.  If there is still a tie, the next series of  individual tie breakers will be the smallest absolute point difference between the predicted scores and the actual scores of the first game against West Virginia Game (tie breaker 2), Georgetown (tie breaker 3), Connecticut (tie breaker 4), Pittsburgh (tie breaker 5), Louisville (tie breaker 6), Marquette (tie breaker 7) and St. Joe's (tie breaker 8).  If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined through a coin flip by Ed '77.

First Place:  Two tickets to the Saturday, March 6 showdown with West Virginia at 12 NOON at Wachovia Center (lower level, Section 103) and a Villanova basketball jersey autographed by a prominent member of the Villanova basketball family and personalized with your name.  Note: At the request of the autograph signer, we cannot disclose his name, but promise that this will be something you be proud to display!)

Second Place:  Villanova basketball jersey autographed by a prominent member of the Villanova basketball family and personalized with your name. 

Third Place: Attitude of a Champion: The 2008-2009 Villanova Wildcats DVD