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Catching up with Markus Kennedy

Markus Kennedy is a Wildcat

Two weeks ago, Markus Kennedy signed his National Letter of Intent to play college basketball at Villanova. was able to catch up with Markus where he told us that he is "really glad that the recruiting process is over".

The 6'8" big man is extremely excited to join the Villanova Basketball Family as he finishes up his senior year at Winchendon Prep in Massachusetts. During his final year, Markus noted that he is going to be working on getting faster knowing that there is definitely a transition from high school to high level college basketball. Coach Wright noted, "Markus is a Philly guy and he brings us interior size and toughness."

Wright added, "One of the things we came to appreciate about Markus is his understanding of the game. We believe Markus can be an outstanding rebounder at this level and a skilled offensive player in the post."

Kennedy is already looking forward to joining the team next year. Playing on the Main Line will give Markus the opportunity to stay home and to play in Philly- something he has never had the chance to do except in the summer.

This is one of the main reasons Markus selected Villanova.

The other reason is Jay Wright- "Coach Wright and the rest of the staff. The players. They're all amazing." It seems that Villanova Family is already instilled- Kennedy already notes that he is close with fellow incoming freshman and future classmate, James Bell, as well as current freshman Maalik Wayns and Dominic Cheek.

Former assistant coach Pat Chambers was the first to contact Kennedy in the recruiting process. Jason Donnelly, later took over the recruiting process- a process that Kennedy said "was a great experience".

Markus, welcome to the Villanova Family. Have a great senior campaign and we look forward to seeing you at 'Nova!