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Who's The Funniest VU Hoops Reader?

Thanksgiving Joke2

Since things are a bit slow here on this Thanksgiving holiday, we thought it might be interesting to find out who is our funniest reader. Use the comments section to offer your punch line to this joke:

Jay Wright, BossHog and Mike DeCourcey walk into Kelly’s Bar with the turkey they plan to eat the next day for their Thanksgiving feast. After a few drinks and some hearty laughter, the bartender asks what they each are most thankful for.

Jay Wright leads off, saying he is thankful for his wonderful wife and children, for the honor of leading the Villanova basketball family, for the enduring relationships he has forged with his past and present players, and for reaching the Final Four last season.

BossHog goes next, shouting with bulging eyes and clenched fists that he is thankful that Villanova will punish all comers and go undefeated for the next ten seasons.

Mike DeCourcy next sheepishly chimes in that he is most thankful for his continued employment at Sporting News after losing all credibility with his Mouph Yarou article. 

They all then turn to the Turkey, who continues to slowly peck at his beer.  He finally looks up at the other three and says, ….