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Villanova Downs Dragons

Antonio Pena had a Career-High 19 points against Drexel (AP Photo)

Villanova got a career high 19 points and 11 rebounds from Junior Power Forward Antonio Pena as Villanova continued their unbeaten 2009-10 campaign by beating Drexel 77-58.

'Nova (7-0) and the Dragons had a combined 34 points with 3:43 remaining. Then the Wildcats went on a 13-5 run to go into the intermission with a 34-18 lead.

Sophomore Transfer Taylor King added 16 points and Scottie Reynolds dropped in 14 for the #3 team in the Country.

The Main Line 'Cats were good for 46.7% from distance (7-15) and shot 46.2% overall from the floor. Villanova went 22-30 from the Charity Stripe behind Pena's 11-16.

Villanova heads to Washington DC to take on the Terapins from Maryland on Sunday night.

This was Villanova's 32nd consecutive win at The Pavilion.