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Reynolds Watch

Scottie ReynoldsSenior Guard Scottie Reynolds is currently sitting on 1,742 career points which places him 11th on the All Time Scoring List at Villanova. He is 501 points away from Kerry Kittles's all-time record of 2,243.

Worst Case Scenario- There are 21 remaining games on the schedule, plus 1 Big East Tournament Game; Scottie would need to average 22points per game to match Kittles. Here are some other Averages Needed for # of Remaining Games...

  • 23 games- 21.8ppg
  • 25 games- 20ppg
  • 27 games- 18.6ppg
  • 29 games- 17.3ppg
  • 31 games (max 4 Big East, 6 NCAA)- 16.2