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Statistical National Rankings

villanova basketballI've gone through and compiled some statistics and where 'Nova is ranked in the nation...

Offensive Averages
Points: 82.1 (23rd)
Assists: 14.2 (125th)
Rebounds: 41.9 (19th)
FG%: 43.2 (192nd)

Defensive Averages
Points: 69.7 (203rd)
Assists: 11.9 (123rd)
Rebounds: 34.7 (168th)
FG%: 40.4 (96th)

I'm kind of shocked

when to see that our rebounding is 19th in the country. Not bad for "Guard U", huh? This is a direct result of Jay Wright's philosophy of everyone hitting the glass hard- guards included.

Defensively...? These numbers aren't very indicative of Jay's defense-first mentality. The squad is still young and this will only improve as the Freshman learn 'Nova's complicated Defensive Schemes. If there is a bright side, one thing that this does highlight is Nova's pure ability to score- I don't think anyone doubted that the Cats could score, but the lacking defense has forced VU to simply outscore their opponent.

What do you think?