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Where Scottie Stands

scottieScottie Reynolds is averaging 15.8 points over his 124 career games in a Villanova uniform. A career that has seen him in the starting 5 in all but two of those games. With his approach of Kerry Kittles' scoring record we seem to concentrate on his point output (last night was the 27th time that his scoring was held to single-digits). But Scottie is compiling Top 10 statistics elsewhere on the court as well.

He is currently in the Top 10 of 3 major stat categories for his career.

Scoring: 1,957 (9th) Kerry Kittles leads with 2,243. Randy Foye is next at 1,966

Assists:  435 (10th) Kenny Wilson leads with 627. Jonathan Haynes is next at 446

Steals: 183 (9th) Kerry Kittles leads with 277. Chris Walker is next at 185

He is one of three Villanovans who appear in the Top 10 of 3 or more Career Stat Categories joining Ed Pinckney (scoring, rebounding, steals, and blocks) and Harold Pressley (rebounding, steals, and blocks).

Thankfully we still have a ways to go to enjoy Mr Reynolds in a 'Nova uniform.