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Nova In the News

Rollie HOF

Morris, Massimino and Chaney

On a rare weekend without a Nova game to watch, at least there's plenty for us to read about the Cats: "Villanova No.1? It could happen" ... "Villanova and (surprise!) Syracuse rule Big East" ... "Chaney, Massimino, Morris honored by Big 5"

Select read more for some highlights:

Chaney, Massimino, Morris Honored By Big Five:  Dick Jerardi of covers the induction of Rollie Massimino, Speedy Morris (LaSalle) and John Chaney (Temple) into the Big Five Hall of Fame.  Here are a couple of great quotes:  Speedy Morris:  "I was the 15th man on a 15-man team at Roman," My teammates used to call me 'The Judge' because I was always on the bench. I finally got in one time, drove in from the top of the key, drove down the lane and got called for 3 seconds." Rollie Massimino“[T]he passionate tactician at Villanova told the story a great story about the wonderful old official, Steve Honzo. "Steve used to get a tan in some salon and come with his nice, shiny hair," Massimino said. "One day, I told him, 'Steve, that was a terrible call, but will you give me a technical for what I'm thinking?' He said, 'No.' I said, 'Well, I think you stink.' ''

Villanova No.1? It could happen:  Inquirer Staff Writer Joe Juliano writes,  "There's much excitement on the Main Line over the possibility of Villanova beginning next week ranked No. 1 in the regular season for the first time in its history. The Wildcats would need a loss tonight by Kansas at Kansas State to be elevated to the top spot. Then there's a case to be made for Syracuse, which has a higher RPI (1) than 'Nova (4) and the fifth-toughest schedule (compared with No. 39 for the Wildcats), according to"

Villanova and (Surprise) Syracuse Rule Big East: John Rowe, Staff Writer for The Record (NJ), gives his mid-season assessment of the Big East. 

"Top teamsVillanova, Syracuse, and West Virginia (a distant third).

Disappointing team:  Louisville: To date, the Cardinals have won only one Big East road game and at times they seemingly ignore center Samardo Samuels, their best inside scoring threat.

Best players:  Wes Johnson of Syracuse and Scottie Reynoldsof Villanova. Reynolds is providing 'Nova with senior leadership and needed offense from the backcourt.

UnderachieverDevin Ebanks, West Virginia. We've seen only flashes of his versatile overall game. He needs to up his game if West Virginia is to realize its potential.

Top coaches:   Jim Boeheim, Syracuse; Jay Wright, Villanova; Jamie Dixon, Pittsburgh. Wright has built a national power at Villanova that even Rollie Massimino, his mentor, must admire

Coaches in trouble: Fred Hill, Rutgers; Norm Roberts, St. John's.

NCAA-bound:  Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Connecticut.   Five teams - Louisville, Notre Dame, Seton Hall, Cincinnati, and Providence are vying for a possible seventh berth."