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We're Not Feeling the Love, Andy

Katz Orange RacoonAndy Katz, who angered 'Nova fans by saying, West Virginia, not Villanova was deserving of the #1 rating in the coaches preseason Big East poll, is at it again. Here's some choice quotes from his article today, If KU is No. 1, then who's No. 2? :

"I would lean toward Syracuse. The Orange had quite a week. Syracuse had one of the more impressive wins earlier in the week when the Orange steamrolled Georgetown. Villanova has quite an argument as well with a home win over Notre Dame for its only game of the week. And after Syracuse found a way to win at DePaul when it didn’t play well, the edge could go to the Orange."

“Of course, the Kentucky nation would have an issue with the Wildcats not being No. 2 after dismantling one of the hottest teams in the country in Vanderbilt. The Wildcats looked quite special in running away from the Commodores.”