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Robert Morris: The University

What you need to know about Robert Morris...

Robert Morris University
Location: Pittsburgh (Moon Township)
Established: 1921
Undergrads & Graduates: 5,000
Faculty: 241

Robert Morris was the "Financier of the American Revolution". He signed the declaration of Independence. His bio notes, "Morris used his fortune to buy millions of acres of frontier land, confident in a real estate boom as the country grew and prospered. A boom eventually came, but too late for Morris. He was put in debtor’s prison in Philadelphia, where Washington and other great men visited him. Congress eventually rewrote the bankruptcy laws, so the "Financier of the Revolution" lived out his final years in dignity at home."

The University has students from 40 countries.

US News & World Report notes that the school is "a Tier 3 Liberal Arts University". It also has Western Pennsylvania's only 4-year nuclear medicine technology program.

2009 Tuition was $19,190.

According to Wikipedia, Robert Morris "has a widely respected bowling team, as they have produced several well known professional bowlers and also were the 2007 National Runner-Ups."

Their Basketball team lost to Michigan Stat in the 1st Round of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.