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Corey Fisher & Jay Wright to return

Today Corey Fisher told media that he would not test the NBA draft waters. He said, "I'm definitely going to be back" to play his senior season.

Jay Wright told the reporters that he has not been contacted about any coaching vacancies. He claimed that he hopes he does not have to hear any offers that might be difficult to turn down because he wants to coach at Villanova. According to Mike Kern of the Philadelphia Daily News, Jay Wright said, "Unless something changed here, I don’t think I want to go anywhere."

Report via Villanova student and photographer, Mike Dokas.

Update: Mike Klein at (the Insider Blog) did some digging on the subject of Jay Wright's house. He is in-fact selling the house that he owns 5 minutes from campus, but his plan is to move into a 1.6million dollar mansion that is 15 minutes away.