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Press Clippings: End of Reynolds' Era ...

Reynolds Beats writer, David Cassilo wrote a thought-provoking article last week, "End of Reynolds' Era Means Questions for 'Nova" that is well worth the read. Here are some of the highlights:

"As Scottie Reynolds spoke to the media for the last time in his Villanova career, his teammates sat silent in the locker room, trying to fight back tears and holding on to his every word. "Scottie, can you put your Villanova career in perspective at this point?" asked one reporter. It was the one question he had never before been asked to answer, and for the first time in four years, his composure started to wane. Reynolds began to get choked up and reached for a towel to cover his eyes as he fought for an answer."

"Should he start with being the face of the program? How about hitting the miracle shot to send his team to last season’s Final Four? Perhaps, finishing his career as the school’s second all-time leading scorer? Sitting in the locker to Reynolds’ left, Antonio Pena shook his head and chose the one word that could do his teammate justice.  “Amazing,” he said."

“I think that the guys I always played for were my teammates,” Reynolds said.  “I tried to do it to the best of my ability. I tried to be the best Scottie Reynolds I could be and the best Scottie Reynolds for this program.”

"The book on Reynolds at Villanova has officially ended, and as Reynolds departed the locker room for the last time, alongside the legacy he left behind was an equally as important question, what’s next for Villanova?"

"Backcourt:  The Wildcats have never been a team at a shortage for guards and next season will be no different. Assuming no one declares for the NBA draft – and it would be a shock if someone did – leading the group of returnees will be Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes, both of whom should find themselves in the starting lineup in their senior seasons. Joining them in the backcourt will be Dominic Cheek and Maalik Wayns. After strong freshmen seasons, both will be counted on to increase their roles and production, particularly Wayns."

"In a designed move, Wright made sure that Wayns roomed with Reynolds on all road trips to learn from him, and the results have been everything the team could have asked for.  “Maalik Wayns is going to be a great player because of Scottie Reynolds,” Wright said. The Wildcats could also being adding an impact freshman next season as they continue to compete for the services of Cory Joseph."

"Frontcourt:  Wright and Reynolds knew 20-1 was an illusion. “A lot of times this year we were just winning off talent,” Reynolds said. And winning despite inconsistent production from their forwards. Dante Cunningham’s mid-range jumper and work in the paint was sorely missed."

"The difference next season for Villanova could be a healthy Mouphtaou Yarou. He missed nine games and consequentially in a sense started his season over again two months later. After taking awhile to find his rhythm, Yarou had double-figure scoring efforts in three of his last five games. He almost certainly will be a starter next season. Along with Yarou, returning forwards Antonio Pena, Taylor King and Isaiah Armwood will all be asked to assume bigger roles. Meanwhile, Maurice Sutton seems to have carved himself out a role as a situational defender for the Wildcats.  Incoming recruits Jayvaughn Pinkston, James Bell and Markus Kennedy could also see minutes."

"Leadership:  Reynolds and senior Reggie Redding were clearly the team leaders. They policed the team and were invaluable to Wright. Asked if he knows who will replace them, Wright said “No, I really don’t. … When asked who some of those candidates might be, one of the players Wright named was Fisher, a player he hopes will learn from this year’s disappointment.  However, the other player Wright named as a possible leader wasn’t one of the juniors, but instead Reynolds’ protégé Wayns.  “We wanted him to tutor him, and Scottie took great pride in that,” Wright said. “Maalik had learned a lot during the year. Scottie spent as much time doing that as getting himself ready.”